Box2D full support

I tried to use the sensors with the 2D physics, but they are not implemented (due to undefined reference: Urho3D::CollisionShape2D::SetSensor(bool) and I didn’t find it in the source). Maybe it is not implemented yet due to the “premature” 1.31 release. I just wanted to mention this.

Yours, Josh

It was refactored recently to SetTrigger and IsTrigger to match the 3d version.

Thanks for your reply. I thought the “trigger” had a different meaning. But I still think due to the early 1.31-version there are some “errors” still in the implementation of Box2D. When it is fully integrated maybe you should add a page in the documentation for those who try to “convert” a Box2D tutorial on Urho2D.

If you find error(bug) you can report issue on GitHub. Thanks.

Ok, I going to do that.