Bug reporting question

Hi guys,

Just a general question here for Urho3D contributors: do you prefer the bugs to be reported only in github, or here as well?

Just tell me, there seems to be nobody else on the case right now, so tell me, and I will try to fix it :wink:

I’d do both just so it’s seen for sure. Post the bug in github and then come here and link the github link in your thread.

Definitely add bugs to the issue tracker on github. If they require further discussion, then the forums are more appropriate. If you’re unsure whether it’s a bug or if you are thinking about implementing a feature, a discussion on the developer boards usually preceeds the creation of a bug report so everyone is on the same page.


@Leith I believe that statement to be incorrect, in it’s entirety.

@TheComet, on the other hand, I fully agree with. :slightly_smiling_face: