Build any road curve from a road section


I would like to assemble any road shape from a single section model I made with Blender - could someone please provide some direction on how I could replicate that section over in any curve without getting weird artifacts where the sections join?

A long time ago I wrote an algo to calculate the length of each curb like in the below images based on the radius of curvature of each pair, but that seems a bit overkill and it requires multiple different models to work together - I’m hoping for a simpler solution if it exists. (I also lost that algo and I am not looking forward to recreating it :smiley: )



There are a few discussion threads and implementations around the forum you may want to check out.

Using mesh/spline
Modifying mesh using spline


As for prefab meshes, Modular City Kit (FBX) is one I came across, but I’m not sure if/where it’s still available for download.


Thanks - for some reason I looked up a bunch of keyword but I didn’t think to use the “road” keyword :slight_smile: - what i’m gathering is that there’s no built in default component…


You mention some algoing… I remember Mesh Generator. It could make procedural geometry more fun (or at least simpler).