Building to support earlier macOS (e.g 10.6+)

According to the docs ( I should be able to build Urho for 10.5 or newer. However, I seem to be limited to building Urho for 10.9 and newer. If I try to build for earlier versions, XCode can no longer find C++ headers such as type_traits and initializer_lists.

Is this intended - or am I doing something wrong? If it is relevant, I can generating an XCode project, and then modifying the Deployment target from within XCode instead of using CMAKE_OSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET


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That is an omission in our documentation update after we have modernized our code base to use C++11 standard in the master branch. If you need to target such an old version of macOS then you may have to stay with previous releases of Urho3D.

I also find this link from a quick Google search. So, bumping the minimum supported version to 10.9 sounds sensible to me.

Thanks for your response.

For your information I could build support for 10.8 or later by specifying std=c++11 and stdlib=libc++.
However according to the steam hardware survey, supporting 10.9 or later will cover a very high percentage of mac users, so that seems advisable.