Bulid Error: Emscripten on Windows

No, I haven’t worked on it since December. What happened to the WebSockets branch? Did I get accidentally deleted? It contained already working WebSocket implementation + there was full support for the HTTP/HTTPS requests for the WEB. My laptop died with everything in it a while ago so I don’t have a copy with it right away but I think I have it on another workstation. :thinking:

May be I did. I removed some of the stale branches a few weeks ago. Thinking all the recent but stale branches should have been merged to master branch already, especially those with the CI suffix. Anyway, I also have them in my local workstation too, until my next local prune that is. So, what stopping you from making it as PR back then? Still not ready or just other reason? :wink:

I wasn’t quite happy with the code quality back then to issue a PR. Technically everything worked just fine but of course there might be some bugs lurking around, but nothing critical afaik.
On the top of my head I do remember one thing that I wanted to refactor (but didn’t) - the way how the incoming/outgoing packets are stored in memory since the current implementation allowed unlimited memory consumption but maybe I added some limitations there idk, it’s been a while since I looked at it.

If I’m not mistaken, I have this branch locally.
Pushed it remotely just it case:
GitHub - urho3d/Urho3D at websockets-implementation

I would really like to have networking in Web, it’s the last thing needed for true platform parity.