Bullet's SoftBody physics example


This looks good. Works great.

I found a few issues.
Loading Jack.mdl will cause an error.
Mushroom disappear at numeric angles.
Large performance reduction when loading teapot.

disjointed vertices edges as vertices deform.


I will have to merge my changes to codemonkey’s branch eventually, but my changes won’t fix:
-performance issue with high poly count like teapot
-issues with skinned mesh, which also results in performance hit.

It can however, load jack.mdl, and fix disjointed verts or duplicate verts.
Frankly, while softbody dynamics look cool, I’m not sure if it’s even applicable for games due to performance reasons.


Hi! I’m trying to get started on softbody physics, but it’s difficult since I’m not really familiar with the codebase (Urho3d).
So what happened to this work? Is there a branch on github I can look at?

– Henrik


I was using codingmonkey’s repo, https://github.com/MonkeyFirst/Urho3D/tree/sbtest


Thanks, but that link does not work any more.


I was using codingmonkey’s

)) but i remember when I start to figure out with this SB I’m use your code and mike’s code and ogre’s forum :smiley:

Thanks, but that link does not work any more.

Yes, probably i also dont have it even on my hdd (
but all code changes (sources) are in this theme - hided by code/spoilers tag.
I also remember last bug with my SB: i have huge offset between visual SB representation and it physic representation.


This looks interesting. Will give it a go :slight_smile:


Hey guys have anyone tried the tetra based solids?


Just wondering if the “Remove Doubles” operator in Blender has a flaw that makes it not work for this case (I think it may have been added in a newer version of Blender, so perhaps that is why you wrote the mesh pruning algorithm)? (You just have to select the whole mesh in edit mode, and then Ctrl-V (or Mesh>Vertices) and select Remove Doubles, or just press space and type “Remove Doubles”)


That’s not the problem. You can have a perfect model w/o any duplicate verts in a 3D modeling tool and you’ll still get this problem.
The duplicate verts problem occurs whenever you apply a UV map to a 3D model (but not a 2D model).

Look at this image:

The vertex V1 in the pic depicts having a UV pair, and this occurs if a vertex happen to be mapped to a uv point on the edge of the uv map. And when the entire column/row of verts become mapped to uv points on the edge, you’ll get what looks like a tearing problem in softbody.


Well the idea is to have a cage sim mesh to deform the render mesh, then you won’t have to remove duplicate verts.


latest repo: https://github.com/Lumak/Urho3D-SoftBody

I’ll also add the link to the latest vid if anyone missed it: