Camera Zoom Extent

I am newbie to Urho. so impressed. is there a possibility to zoom extent the camera?
to be more clear, when importing an architecture scene, sometimes the camera is located inside the building, that take the user a while to zoom out. if there is a way to instantly after loading to zoom extent (move the camera out), or even a way to get the bounding box of the model so i can add some distance to the camera position.

I would be grateful. Thanks a lot.

Yes, you can get BoundingBox of your model, get its center - and then set camera position relative to that center and size; then use LookAt on the camera node to rotate it relative to the object.

Perfect… looks like, I should play with the node than the camera it self. Thanks…
regarding boundingbox.
I realized I can get bounding box from Model but not from node. I am currently importing xml file to the scene… so, when i tried to look after the node, there is no Getboundingbox which makes sense. so how can i treat the node as a model?

gottcha Thanks

var modelnode = new Node();

modelnode.Rotate(new Quaternion(90, 0, 0), TransformSpace.Parent);
modelnode.Name = Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtension(path);

var bbx = scene.Children.Last().Children.SelectMany(o => o.Components).Where(x => x is StaticModel).Cast<StaticModel>().Select(o => o.BoundingBox);
var max = new Vector3(bbx.Max(o => o.Max.X), bbx.Max(o => o.Max.Y), bbx.Max(o => o.Max.Z));

await CameraNode.RunActionsAsync(new EaseInOut(new MoveBy(3, Vector3.Add(max, new Vector3(10f, 10f, 10f))), 10f));

Could Octree::GetWorldBoundingBox() be of any use in your case?

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Thanks for the welcoming :slight_smile:
I couldn’t find such method (GetWorldBoundingBox) under Octree, but i did find it under drawables but as private method. see this

not sure if there is something i miss, or there are different versions of Urho??!!

Yes, you seem to be using a discontinued fork.

The true Urho can be found here: