Can I animate character pivot?

It looks that urho3d is what I`m really waiting for. (Finnish quality)
But I have some questions:

  1. I want to animate pivot of walking character. Can I do it? When my walking character stays on the left leg he must turn around left leg, and when he stays on the right one he must turn around right leg. I try to make in blender sometimesh ago, but how I can understand most of ways to make it were closed.
  2. There was question from somebody about mipmapping with turned off filtration, I cannot clearly understand all. Can I use nearest filtration with linear mipmapping?
  3. Can I make combined by stencil mask texture maps?

One way, assuming model node as child of pivot…
Backup model world position: pivot->GetChild()->GetWorldPosition()
move pivot
Restore world model position: pivot->GetChild()->SetWorldPosition()

  1. Perhaps: renderer->SetTextureFilterMode(FILTER_NEAREST_ANISOTROPIC);

  2. I find a number of posts about using the stencil; maybe some will be useful?