Can single Urho App target multiple Surfaces?

We want to set up a new scene for a pop-up form, which needs to render it’s own scene, separate from the main form. What is the best way to go about this?

Currently, we are considering creating a whole new Urho Application to do this, but I’m not a fan of having multiple “Contexts” for graphics resources/etc. Is there a way to use the same Urho App (and Resources/Context) to render to multiple Surfaces? (in Windows, I’m talking about multiple Windows Controls)

Maybe QUrho can help?

I know that ImGUI backend in rbfx can somehow render multiple “surfaces” (i.e. multiple system windows) on Desktop platforms.
Therefore, it should be possible to do with some tweaking on C++ side.
I admit that I have no clue what exactly has to be done.

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If you render to texture you can draw it wherever you like.

static QPixmap toPixmap(Image* image) {
     return QPixmap::fromImage(QImage{
                   QImage::Format_RGBA8888 });
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Modanung - RTT might be what we end up doing, to keep this lightweight. Thanks for the suggestion and code example.