Can we upgrade AssetImporter?

Current version can’t import blender 2.8 files but I’m not sure if the newer ones can either. Older versions of blender do work and it’s really nice to just drop a blend file on it and get a model.
My current workaround is to export to Collada/FBX and pass that to assimp. It eventually works most of the time, but it’s very tiring to pass around files

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I have a more recent Assimp implementation in my private branch
Assimp doesn’t work well with Blender files .

I have written several python blender conversion scripts ,using them as part of an automated conversion process, might be helpful to your conversion process .
Can be found in :

Example :
blender.exe blender_file.blend --background --python --dae_file.dae

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Here’s the issue:

As I’ve said before, exporting to fbx and passing that to assimp fixes it
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