Can you load a model and all it's resources in a seperate class

I have some templates that are for different NPCs, for example I have a AI_Melee class that I’m trying to load the character model and setup it’s animation controller all in that class. That way I don’t have so much of it in my main program. Is this bad practice?

That’s the approach I took. I went as far as separating a resource and a component class for some of the character types. I’ll let others comment on whether it’s a good practice.

It just seems easier and cleaner approach. I have not seen a class where someone loaded the actual 3d model and applied it to the node, but I’ve seen some classes where they actually loaded basically everything else.

It seems natural enough to take an approach with different classes. Just for reference, I have prototyped with a single Player Component with types differentiated by prefabs containing everything asset-related: nodes and transforms, AnimatedModel (sometimes pasted from editor), physics components, materials…

Player::OnNodeSet(Node* node) {
  if (node == nullptr) { return; }
  // Subscribe to some events, cache some pointers, create more stuff.. for more

playerNode->SetVar("template", "Players/Urho.xml");