Can't load 3D Volume Texture

So I am working a water shader. I am using a noise texture that is straight from DirectX media. I set my texture xml file, and link that to the .dds texture.

In the console window I see. Unsupported dds pixel byte size. The texture loads fine in other 3d applications.


    <volume name="" />
	<mipmap enable="false" />
    <quality low="0" />

Am I overlooking something?

What is the format of your DDS texture?

Compressed DXT3 8 bit L8 128 x 128 x128

According to AMD tool.

Image can be extended here and here to support 8-bit images. Or you can just use anything but 8-bit images.

okay thanks @Eugene. I could just find some 3D volume textures that are not 8 bit like you suggested. I just can’t find anything using Google.