Can't open Editor

So, uh, I don’t know if you guys like still maintain the editor or if you removed it or something (I’m new), but when I run editor.bat I get this error:


What’s the Urho3D-1.7? Cloned sources, build binraies or SDK installation?
Do you have Urho3DPlayer exe?

I do not have Urho3DPlayer.exe. When I downloaded Urho3D I downloaded the zip from the github website, is there like an install or something?

Well, if you downloaded source code from GitHub, you have to build it like any other C++ CMake framework.

Was the zip supposed to come with Urho3DPlayer.exe?

Binary packages from here, probably.
Never used them tho.

The prebuilt binary packages may come from AppVeyor CI server (using VS) or Travis CI server (using MinGW). The former is slow (because its free service only provides 1 CPU with minimal capabilities) so we set it up to disable the tool building option on normal CI build. The release build should have the tool built-in.