Can't see loaded OBJ file

Hi there

Great engine, great editor, and well Im having some minor difficulty.

Loaded and tried to import a 35k OBJ mesh (montain scene for game), and all I can see, is a blue box around it.

I changed camera view from 1000 to 10000 thinking that would be enough.

What am I missing atm :wink:?


I could still use help with this, if anyone has any ideas :wink:

I’ts prob. something simple ey ?, so ty for any help with this.


Was there anything in the logs? Did you import as a scene or a model?

[quote=“friesencr”]Was there anything in the logs? Did you import as a scene or a model?[/quote

Ill check when I am up on desktop upstairs and let you know, but I am sure I imported a obj mesh.

ty !


Got one of my obj’s to show just not used to this editor at all…I’ll keep working on it :wink:

ty for engine,seems once I get used to editor it may provide a great stepping stone into a decent game.


Okay, the obj I’m trying to load in, is a export from Sculptris ( latest).

It shows up perfectly fine in blender, as a obj import.

I’ve got a screen to share, to hopefully show what I see here.

I changed camera far setting to 10000 from 1000, thinking that might fix it, but no go, all I get after zooming in a long ways, is a green box, no mesh.

Here is pic: … hoto%2cjpg


I always, import to blender from sculprtis and then export again to obj from blender to urho. Try this.

Ok ty , will do :wink:)