Can't see models through transparent materials

I have a weird problem. Somehow, these npcs I made are invisible through a semi-transparent material (glass). The shadow shows. I don’t have any bias or special material settings. Anyone experience something similar?

What technique(s) are you using for the npcs’ materials? What renderpath is this using?

Render Path

	viewport = Viewport:new(scene_, cameraNode:GetComponent("Camera"))
	renderer:SetViewport(0, viewport)

Material for NPC limb (really just some primitives connected to animations). col is a local random table for random color assignment

	local material=Material:new()

My Glass.xml

<?xml version="1.0"?>
	<technique name="Techniques/NoTextureAlpha.xml" />
	<parameter name="MatDiffColor" value="0.6 .8 1 .7" />

Is the glass set to be an occluder?

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Ah yeah that was it, thanks. I didn’t suspect at first because apparently shadows don’t get occluded? So it looks like I ought to separate the glass from the wall model then.

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