Character Demo Tweak

Here’s the tweak to avoid character head going through wall.

   // Set a capsule shape for collision
float diameter = sqrt(object->GetBoundingBox().max_.x_ * object->GetBoundingBox().max_.x_ + object->GetBoundingBox().max_.z_ * object->GetBoundingBox().max_.z_);
auto* shape = objectNode->CreateComponent<CollisionShape>();
shape->SetCapsule(diameter, 1.8f, Vector3(0.0f, 0.9f, 0.0f));

Below is a tweak to limit forward jumping force. Change in 3 places.

Define a jump resistance variable.
float jumpResistance = 1.0f;

if (controls_.IsDown(CTRL_BACK))
	moveDir += Vector3::BACK;
	jumpResistance = JUMP_FORCE*0.9f;

 // If in air, allow control, but slower than when on ground
body->ApplyImpulse(rot * moveDir * (softGrounded ? MOVE_FORCE : INAIR_MOVE_FORCE* jumpResistance));

 if (okToJump_)
	jumpResistance = 1.0f;
    body->ApplyImpulse(Vector3::UP * JUMP_FORCE);
    okToJump_ = false;
    animCtrl->PlayExclusive("Models/Mutant/Mutant_Jump1.ani", 0, false, 0.2f);

Just curious, but what is the jumpResistance supposed to do?

It prevent over jumped if you are jumping between platforms. Makes it easier to jump :).

It basically apply braking in the air.