Character Flickering

Hi, My Character’s flickering while moving, moved the code that moves the camera to FixedPostUpdate, it solved at first, but when I switched OS, it stated to flick again.
I can’t show it here, cuz I cant manage to capture the flickering, prob due to the frequency my software captures it.

edit, it flickers only when the camera rotate.

node_->SetWorldPosition((target_->GetWorldPosition() + Vector3::UP * height_) + rotation_ * ( -Vector3::FORWARD * dist_.value_ + offset_.value_));
node_->LookAt(target_->GetWorldPosition() + Vector3::UP * height_ + rotation_ *  Vector3::FORWARD * 1000.0f);

Changes to the scene that directly modify Node transforms should occur during ordinary Update events, not fixed ones. FixedUpdate should be used for things like applying forces.
This is because direct node transformations are not interpolated, physics simulations are.

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Thanks removed the Fixed and it solved it.

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