Character Walker

Not sure what to call it really, but it helps characters walk over objects.

You’ll get what I mean in the video - need a better name!


What about portable steps?:wink:

Foot Bridge
Field Traversal
Byway Solver


I like portable steps so far.

Step flaps?


If you’re considering naming it, do it fast because I’m done with the implementation and testing. Whatever the name I choose will become the github repo name.

Voxel Paddles? (—lots of characters here—)

DuckStep ? (—lots of characters here—)

NightWalk? (the silly fliller for 20 character limit, hehehe)

I’d simply name it UrhoStep, so it sounds something like Euro step, that basketball move…

EnvironmentAwareCharacterController (no filler needed, pun intended)

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Thank you all for your suggestions, but I decided on this:

edit: changed the default stepUpDuration value in the repo.
edit2: updated repo once again- added surface step normal and max height checks.


I don’t like how this works and just may try something else. There are two limiting factors that I dislike, both related to animation and should do away with relying on animation all together.


  • stepper no longer relies on the foot or animation
  • removed dbg textures
  • charImpulse is no longer defaulted to true

If anyone was testing this, I’d appreciate any feedback on the new implementation.

Ok, I’m wrapping this up. repo updated - steppernode is no longer enabled/disabled in the stepperenable() function to save btrigidbody from being destroyed and re-added to the world.

One should consider calling stepperenable from the Character class when jumping/falling to prevent the stepper from catching on to a side of a wall or whatever.

have you tried to benchmark how many characters it can run at the same time?

I haven’t specifically benchmarked the height stepper, but I have benchmarked kinematic, trigger bodies that constantly move in the world - see