Civetweb with OpenSSL in Android

I wish to use civetweb module to make http API call, modern API service usually require https protocol, I could URHO3D_SSL and URHO3D_SSL_DYNAMIC flag and place related .dll to enable the usage in Windows platform.

But I cannot find a solution in Android. As my some little old NDK experience, I need to include those shared library inside jniLibs and need modified to link the library. But seems the project is not similar to JNI project I used to before.

May anyone hint me some guideline for me, am I right to put those, in launcher-app project? or I can static link the library in compile time?

I think you can add the external library into your target by configuring it in one of these two ways:

  1. Urho3D-way by setting relevant variable before invoking macro to create the target:
    set (ABSOLUTE_PATH_LIBS /path/to/your/external/lib)
    setup_main_executable ()
  2. CMake-way by calling target_link_libraries command after the target has been created:
    target_link_libraries (your-target-name /path/to/your/external/lib)