Client-Server framework

Hi all,

I’ve gotten a bit of work done playing around with my Client-Server framework. The current project is designed around the idea of a card game, but eventually I plan to utilize this for other types of games. This framework handles everything but the actual gameplay, however the gameplay state is properly managed by GamePlayComponent.

Also, I’m very bad at properly commenting my code. I do it just fine on projects I work on as a team, but on personal projects that tends to go out of the window. Another thing worth noting is that I haven’t really cleaned up the assets and other files, there’s a good deal of files from other projects and demos that probably don’t need to be in there.


It is available on Github:
I also began detailing my progress on my blog:

Feedback would be great.

yeah nice. so i dont have to do the hard work myself ^^ will look at it.