Clinically Dead

Oh, great! I’ve waited for this. Any chance to get some new vids?

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here is new trailer from this year best wath in 4k because of lots of color change on the screen that affects the bitrate. Probably will create walkthrough video after the game release.

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The game is just released on Steam here

I also created new video where I’m explaining the core mechanics in the game

Thanks to Lasse and all contributors for the great engine. The game uses Urho3D version from 2016 i believe.


That new video is very clarifying. Interesting dynamic.

Are you planning to release a Linux version as well?

Just played the first three/four Levels. Looks great. Well done :+1:

I complied it on Linux but I had a problem with shaders and the post processes looked differently than on windows, which was weird since it was the same glsl code.

Congratulations on your game release!

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Dude this looks cool! I have been watching project this for a lil’ while and it’s so awesome to see you release it.