[CLOSED] Urho3D 4x4 offroad vehicle


I’d like to recruit an artist from the community to create an offroad vehicle like shown in the pics below. It’ll be used to create an offroad sample for Urho3D.

Once completed, I’ll submit a PR with [color=#0000FF]your name[/color] in the credits.

[li] Two models:
[list] 1) vehicle w/ suspension, texture 512x512
2) single tire, texture
[li] Budget: 4k-6k tris for the vehicle, a few hundred for a tire[/li][/list:u]

edit: added requirements
edit: closed


latest vid: https://youtu.be/9ZAnvz2f_hU


Closed and moving on.


Check vehicles category on blendswap.com


I looked there for months and couldn’t find anything suitable, not to mention the poly count on most models are just way too high to be used for games.

I’m satisfied with my Picasso piece :wink:



I am looking for the offroad vehicle code example like in the video https://youtu.be/9ZAnvz2f_hU. Where it could be found?


The RaycastVehicle sample was based on this.