Cloth Sample

I was searching thru the forum, but couldn’t find any mention of anyone working on a Cloth sample. I am wondering, cause i wanted to enable my models hair to move, and was going to simulate using a cloth simulation, unless someone has a better idea.

Thanks much

I want to note about hair
if urho3d use bullet there is must be to able to create similar stuff like in blender - with bones and constraints.
Actually I’m not dig deep into urho3d’s physics, but i see only 2d constraints examples

VehicleDemo sample has Bullet constraints (wheels attached to car body). However I’m not sure if it’s a good idea performance-wise for hair, which contains a lot of small objects. Probably running a specialized lightweight simulation is more appropriate.

Ragdoll demo also makes heavy use of constraints.
Alternatively you could experiment with jiggle bones, or with shaders.

Found some C++ source on Urho3D JiggleBone; might be of some use.

I just guess what we may use similar stuff from bullet

Yes it meybe cause reduce of the perfomance with bullet, but CE use bones with somekind of constraints.
see this:

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