Collision plane with box not working (triangleMesh collider)

if you have two objects and both have triangulated colliders

  1. plane
  2. box
    collision in this case not working, box are falling through plane
    Is this a problem or standard behavior of physics?
    i’m do not remember but I guessing what in unity this works property.
    there are some options for continues collisions for tiny objects

Triangle mesh from bullet physics library can be only static, it won’t work properly if mass is other than zero. Use convex hull instead

Oh, thanks szamq.
I don’t knowed about this.

Did you looked on convex hull debug line? it’s looked little wierd, no?

Triangle mesh should work for active objects. Can you provide a simple example scene ?

I can’t remember if the vertex buffer has to be dynamic for it to work. My brain is mush.

Can you provide a simple example scene ?
The scene is very simple. Floor and box both CollisionShape = TriangleMesh. And if I change type collider for one of them to other it’s work fine, but not TriangleMesh with TriangleMesh;


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