Compilation error

Most of my game code is written in AS, I just have a basic launcher in C++, mostly based on Urho3d player. As I keep updating the engine from repos every day, I decided to recompile my code, something I havent done since the code was reorganized. But, I get this error:

In file included from /home/roger/projects/Urho3D/include/Urho3D/Engine/../Core/Object.h:25:0, from /home/roger/projects/Urho3D/include/Urho3D/Engine/Engine.h:25, from /home/roger/projects/keyw/Source/UrhoQuickStart.cpp:1: /home/roger/projects/Urho3D/include/Urho3D/Engine/../Core/../Container/LinkedList.h:29:19: error: variable ?Urho3D::URHO3D_API Urho3D::LinkedListNode? has initializer but incomplete type struct URHO3D_API LinkedListNode ^ /home/roger/projects/Urho3D/include/Urho3D/Engine/../Core/../Container/LinkedList.h:29:19: warning: extended initializer lists only available with -std=c++11 or -std=gnu++11 [enabled by default] /home/roger/projects/Urho3D/include/Urho3D/Engine/../Core/../Container/LinkedList.h:32:22: error: expected ?}? before ?:? token LinkedListNode() : ^ /home/roger/projects/Urho3D/include/Urho3D/Engine/../Core/../Container/LinkedList.h:32:22: error: expected ?,? or ?;? before ?:? token /home/roger/projects/Urho3D/include/Urho3D/Engine/../Core/../Container/LinkedList.h:38:5: error: ?LinkedListNode? does not name a type LinkedListNode* next_; ^ /home/roger/projects/Urho3D/include/Urho3D/Engine/../Core/../Container/LinkedList.h:171:1: error: expected declaration before ?}? token } ^ make[2]: *** [CMakeFiles/keyw.dir/UrhoQuickStart.cpp.o] Error 1 make[1]: *** [CMakeFiles/keyw.dir/all] Error 2 make: *** [all] Error 2

Whats happening here?

Don’t know if this is anywhere near the right answer but I have encountered this sort of thing before when doing a lot of includes and then missing a semi-colon or a brace and sometime i have typed in 2 quotes by axident when i meant to only type in 1 quote.

Try checking your “UrhoQuickStart.cpp” file for one of the lines that tries to use the URHO3D_API LinkedListNode

hmmmmm although come to think about it; it might be that something changed in the Urho3D repo since the last time you downloaded it which causes that issue. Does the “URHO3D_API LinkedListNode” still have the same aruments and argument types as what youre quickstart cpp uses ?

Don’t know if any of that helps but hopfully :slight_smile:

This code compiled perfectly last January 7. And here is the code, pretty minimal:

[code]#pragma once
#include “Urho3D/Engine/Application.h”

using namespace Urho3D;

class UrhoQuickStart : public Application
UrhoQuickStart(Context* context);
virtual void Start();
/// Script file.
SharedPtr scriptFile_;

	/// Handle reload start of the script file.
	void HandleScriptReloadStarted(StringHash eventType, VariantMap& eventData);
	/// Handle reload success of the script file.
	void HandleScriptReloadFinished(StringHash eventType, VariantMap& eventData);
	/// Handle reload failure of the script file.
	void HandleScriptReloadFailed(StringHash eventType, VariantMap& eventData);


[code]#include “Urho3D/Engine/Engine.h”
#include “Urho3D/IO/FileSystem.h”
#include “Urho3D/IO/Log.h”
#include “Urho3D/Core/Main.h”
#include “Urho3D/Core/ProcessUtils.h”
#include “Urho3D/Resource/ResourceCache.h”
#include “Urho3D/Resource/ResourceEvents.h”
#include “Urho3D/Resource/XMLFile.h”
#include “Urho3D/Graphics/Renderer.h”
#include “Urho3D/Script/ScriptFile.h”
#include “Urho3D/Script/Script.h”

#include “UrhoQuickStart.h”


UrhoQuickStart::UrhoQuickStart(Context* context) : Application(context)
engineParameters_[“WindowTitle”] = GetTypeName();
engineParameters_[“FullScreen”] = true;
engineParameters_[“Headless”] = false;

void UrhoQuickStart::Start()
ResourceCache *cache = GetSubsystem();

// Instantiate and register the AngelScript subsystem
context_->RegisterSubsystem(new Script(context_));
// Hold a shared pointer to the script file to make sure it is not unloaded during runtime
scriptFile_ = cache->GetResource(“Scripts/”);

// If script loading is successful, proceed to main loop

if (scriptFile_ && scriptFile_->Execute(“void Start()”)) {
// Subscribe to script’s reload event to allow live-reload of the application
SubscribeToEvent(scriptFile_, E_RELOADSTARTED, HANDLER(UrhoQuickStart, HandleScriptReloadStarted));
SubscribeToEvent(scriptFile_, E_RELOADFINISHED, HANDLER(UrhoQuickStart, HandleScriptReloadFinished));
SubscribeToEvent(scriptFile_, E_RELOADFAILED, HANDLER(UrhoQuickStart, HandleScriptReloadFailed));


void UrhoQuickStart::HandleScriptReloadStarted(StringHash eventType, VariantMap& eventData)
if (scriptFile_->GetFunction(“void Stop()”))
scriptFile_->Execute(“void Stop()”);

void UrhoQuickStart::HandleScriptReloadFinished(StringHash eventType, VariantMap& eventData)
// Restart the script application after reload
if (!scriptFile_->Execute(“void Start()”))


void UrhoQuickStart::HandleScriptReloadFailed(StringHash eventType, VariantMap& eventData)

I’m looking over the linkedlist source now but did you try compiling using:

in your command line ? the error says that it needs that in order to use linked list

Also it has been recently modified so maybe that had somehtig to do with it but I don’t know enough about Urho3D yet to have any better guesses…


[quote=“devrich”]I’m looking over the linkedlist source now but did you try compiling using:

in your command line ? the error says that it needs that in order to use linked list[/quote]

Noticed that too and added SET (CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS “-std=gnu++0x”) to CmakeLists.txt, but that didnt solved the problem. Not sure if I did it in the right place. Here is the whole cmake file:

[code]# Set project name
project (keyw)

Set minimum version

cmake_minimum_required (VERSION 2.8.6)
if (COMMAND cmake_policy)
cmake_policy (SET CMP0003 NEW)
cmake_policy (SET CMP0022 NEW) # INTERFACE_LINK_LIBRARIES defines the link interface
endif ()
cmake_policy (SET CMP0026 OLD) # Disallow use of the LOCATION target property - therefore we set to OLD as we still need it
cmake_policy (SET CMP0042 NEW) # MACOSX_RPATH is enabled by default
endif ()
endif ()
SET (CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS “-std=gnu++0x”)

Set CMake modules search path

set (CMAKE_MODULE_PATH $ENV{URHO3D_HOME}/CMake/Modules CACHE PATH “Path to Urho3D-specific CMake modules”)

Include Urho3D Cmake common module

include (Urho3D-CMake-common)

Find Urho3D library

find_package (Urho3D REQUIRED)

include_directories (${URHO3D_INCLUDE_DIRS})# Define target name
set (TARGET_NAME keyw)

Define source files

define_source_files ()

Setup target with resource copying

setup_main_executable ()

hmm… maybe upgrade your version of GCC ? i’ve been using 4.9.2 since it came out…

also try changing that line to:

and I don’t know if it’ll help but I found this:

Didnt worked. Im using gcc 4.8.2, which is the one included in Mint 17.1

Try including <Urho3D/Urho3D.h> before you include any other headers. It’s probably choking on URHO3D_API which is defined in the generated Urho3D.h header.

Yes!! That solved the problem, thanks.