Compile first project in Urho3D

I have run make && make install to create a new Urho3D project successfully. However, I cannot make the project compile the new Main.cpp file that I added into the root of the new project directory. The Main.cpp file contains the code I obtained from (http://) I ran cmake, make && make install again but there was no generated in the bin folder.

I am using Urho3D 1.5 on Linux with Eclipse IDE. The samples run fine but I don’t know the way on how to create my own executable file in the project.

Please help.

General documentation on creating a project using Urho3D 1.5 … brary.html

Maybe there is something missing around your CMake stage… Are there any CMake/make errors? More specific info could help.

Is your makefile not referencing your source files at all? In your CMakeLists.txt, the default define_source_files() macro will glob for .cpp .h I think, but it is flexible, e.g.
define_source_files(RECURSE GLOB_CPP_PATTERNS "src/
.cpp" "src/
.cc" GLOB_H_PATTERNS “src/*.h”)


Thank you for your help. I did know that I was trying to use Urho3D as external library so I didn’t read that page at all.

Thank you. It should work fine now.