Compiling error in Visual Studio

I’m trying to compile from the latest commit to the master branch, but I keep getting the following error when building the Urho3D project.

Error LNK1179 invalid or corrupt file: duplicate COMDAT ‘??_9File@Urho3D@@$BBA@AA’ Urho3D \Urho3D\IOAPI.obj

See if this helps

Yeah, that thread helped a lot. We’re not using Angel script so I just disabled it.

I’m having the same problems unfortunately,

My error seems to be: LNK1104 cannot open file C:\Users\Chris Ross\Documents\GitHub\Urho3DProject\Project\Build\bin\UrhoProject_d.exe

Some PC’s build, and some don’t :confused:

Is that the only error you’re getting on the PC’s that don’t build?

The only time I ever get that error is if the executable is still open for some reason blocking Visual Studio from writing to it.