Component repositories, community sharing

Just looking back through various historical threads here like this one, and wondering are there any repositories of ready to go components?

My dev platform is the hololens, and as an example, could find no buttons to use. So spent a few days getting a 3d button component working and after that, wondering if others have been down that path already and are sharing any components.

If sharing, where are the repositories.


I know, I find it odd that we can’t post work to a shared depot (given we agree to the MIT license, I would assume the sentiment extends at least to publishing demo code).
We have the github master branch, which is much more up to date than the public download, and we have the right to fork it, and issue Pull Requests on our changes, but if you want to share stuff with the community, and don’t want to issue PR, you have to find your own dumpsite.
This does not bode well for the long term, in terms of broken links.

I’ve suggested to create a Community Components page on the wiki in the past. If you’re interested in cataloging repositories and/or threads… there’s nothing stopping you from doing so.

As this list would grow longer it might be good to categorize them as well at some point. Also I’m thinking it might be nice to have a pinned topic in the Code Exchange forum category linking to this proposed wiki page. When no objections arise I could edit this one.


According to

The official code exchange is here.

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