Configuring CodeLite for editing *.as scripts


Add *.as in tags and syntax highlight (c++) options:

Create ptoject (Custom makefile).
add AngelScriptAPI.h and *.as files to project

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Thanks for this.

Does anyone know can I somehow start urho3dPlayer with current .as file when pressing F5, so testing scripts would be easy?

Ok, did some kind of hack and it runs urho3dplayer with CTRL+F5. Uses .as name as program argument, not active .as tab name, but maybe this is fine.


You can set an external tools like that :

Menu Plugins -> External Tools

now set the shortcut :
Settings -> keyboard Shortcut


Awesome, thanks!


With CodeLite 10 I couldn’t find File Types in CTag -> advanced.
Had to open code-completion.conf and add ;*.as to m_fileSpec manually.

Also need to include Urho3D/Docs where AngelScriptAPI.h is located, and don’t have to add it by itself to the project.


In CodeLite 10.0.4, there is Setting -> Code Completion… where one can add ;*.as