Core developer to handle feature requests

I volunteer to become a core developer handling feature requests. What I see myself doing:

  1. Looking through the “Feature Requests” forum on a regular basis. Making sure that I understand what a user wants.
  2. Communicating with other core devs on the topic of a new feature request. If it’s decided that this feature request is worthy, then it will be referenced in a main “Feature Requests to be implemented” page on the main Urho3D page.
  3. Will be working on implementing feature request from the “Feature Requests to be implemented” page, one by one.
  4. Will be coordinating PR effort to implement new features.
  5. Will be getting back on the forum about feature requests that were dismissed by the core devs.

What do you think?

Xmas list:

Editor object paint select (like in blender).
Ragdoll wizard.
Realtime multiplayer FPS demo with lag compensation, clientside prediction, lan auto-discovery and mobile peer-to-peer auto-discovery.
Softbody physics.
Some sort of behind-the-scene magical way of dealing with streaming large levels and a way to tell the editor what to stream. This way we can make huge levels in the editor.

I think it’s a great initiative.

However I’ve seen plenty of people with all talk, and others who have bit off more than they can chew. I don’t think it’d be appropriate to assign feature requests, nor to have someone specifically assigned to address them. Rather, feel free to fulfill feature requests as you see fit and let the community react accordingly. It’s going to save you a big headache (nobody’s EXPECTING you to fulfill feature requests), and everyone a big headache if you won’t/can’t do something. Ideally a community like this would work together to bring the features that we want/need, and we don’t want a bottleneck by any means.

However we should always welcome people who are offering to help. So thank you for taking the initiative, and I look forward to see what you’re going to accomplish :smiley:

Additional manpower is always welcome. I recommend taking the following steps (this is basically the same for everyone)

  • Work on features or issues you find interesting.
  • Contribute pull requests of these.
  • After proving yourself by contributing enough, you should get push access ( = become a core dev for real)
  • Use the github issue tracker to best get attention on development matters. For example by opening a pull request early for discussion. Speaking of myself, I may be inattentive of the forums sometimes.

Thanks guys! Will try to my best to get some of the requested features into the game engine = )