Correct use of scene replication to MMORPG

Hey guys, Im doing a MMORPG using Urho3D and im have some doubts about it. My game will have different maps on ur world. Each map its a static model… For start the scene replication, I thought to make a scene on server for each map, this way, player will receive just what its inside on your current map. What I would like to know its:

  1. That’s its a good way to do scene replication?
  2. What I should to do if I want the player have the possibility to move between maps? Example: Im on City, and walking I want to go to the hunt/leveling up map
  3. About above question, what way I could “stream” the neighbor scene/map? Because of the maps should be like a bridge, I want to see where Im going/ another side of bridge


Look that all maps are connected, it isn’t a big map, and yes a lot of maps connected each other

I hope that someone can give me a light about it, because I was a bit confused after see the real way that scene replication works…


Check out the networking interest management:

You can use “distance factor” and “minimum priority” to automatically lower the update rate and exclude far nodes.