Could not find resource techniques/Diff.xml

Hello, I created a blank project from UrhoSharp template in visual studio 2019 and added these files in MyData folder :

_ Textures
  |_ cube.png
_ Materials
  |_ cube.xml
_ Models
  |_ Cube.mdl
_ techniques
  |_ Diff.xml

In the cube.xml there’s :

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
	<technique name="techniques/Diff.xml" />
	<texture name="textures/cube.png" unit="diffuse" />
	<parameter name="MatDiffColor" value="1 1 1 1" />
	<parameter name="MatSpecColor" value="0.5 0.5 0.5 50" />

In my app I have :

cubemodel.Model = cache.GetModel("Models/Cube.mdl");
var material = cache.GetMaterial("Materials/cube.xml").Clone("");

In android the cubemodel loads fine, but the material fails to with an exception :
Could not find resource techniques/Diff.xml

What I’m doing wrong ?


I can add that the same thing works in desktop.

Android pathes is case sensitive. First check that all pathes is right.

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Yep, same for Linux - capitalization must match exactly.

You’re using UrhoSharp.

I created a new blank project and defined blender to export with only first letter cap, and it works even if I was unable to correct the initial project. Thanks for your help.

What do you mean ? That Urho is bad or that or that it must not been used in C# ? What do you suggest ?

It was most likely a tongue in cheek reference to the fact that these are the Urho3D forums, not the UrhoSharp forums. UrhoSharp is a different downstream project.

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As my problem appeared for android platform and not for desktop, you’re probably true.