Crosscompiling problem


I’m trying to compile project using mingw-w64 on linux for windows. I use cmake_mingw then make, and all goes ok. I copied binary to windows (7) - and it doesn’t run - no window appears, while running from cmd it prints nothing. I tried add -DURHO3D_WIN32_CONSOLE=1 and recompile. Result - this time windows show “Program has encountered a bug…” window and nothing more.
I tried to write simple hello world program and it works both as console (simple printf) and as gui application (open window with some title). So apparently cross compiler works.
I also tried to modify Source/Urho3D/Core/Main.h including printf(“kuku01\n”); as first instruction in URHO3D_DEFINE_MAIN to maybe find out where it have problem, but newer get any result - nothing was printed:

int main(int argc, char** argv) \int WINAPI WinMain(HINSTANCE hInstance, HINSTANCE prevInstance, PSTR cmdLine, int showCmd) \
{ \
    printf("kuku01\n"); \
    Urho3D::ParseArguments(GetCommandLineW()); \
    return function; \

int main(int argc, char** argv) \
{ \
printf ("kuku01\n"); \
    Urho3D::ParseArguments(argc, argv); \
    return function; \

(string kuku01 was found in binary)

Also exactly in same way all urho samples fails.

Urho3D from git, mingw MinGW-w64-v7.0.0_gcc9.3.0-x86_64 on slackware 14.2

What i’m doing wrong?

Try making sure that you are using the “generic” target and not a “native”(default) one (at least if you are using two different computers). The CMake flag is URHO3D_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET. I think another possible cause would be a missing DLL, though that might have a different error message, I’m not sure.

Strange. It partially helped.


builds working executable (console one), but


fails same way as previous…
Ok, for me there is no practival difference in GUI or console… Thanks for help.

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