Crowd support: individual targets?

Does Urho crowd supports individual agent targets?

Do you mean target destination to move to? Yes, the sample just has them all move to the same point both for simplicity and it’s easier to see how wrong things can go when a ton of agents pile in on one point.

If you mean different “agent targets” where there are different kinds of agents … no - that isn’t actually difficult to do in DetourCrowd but it’s invasive and would not be easy to keep up to date.

Any kind of thing that isn’t standard in DetourCrowd is always pretty hard to pull off and requires a good understanding of the underlying mechanics. It can all be done, and IMO there’s no real alternative to Recast/DetourCrowd (if you are not working a square/hex grid), but it really is not very flexible, so it always requires quite some coding.

I tried to do different agent sizes once and that was a LOT of work. Basically required having two different pathfinding “worlds”, yet keeping them interacting with each other. x.x

If I were you, I would really try to find workarounds if you are not 100% sure that you cannot do something with what is offered out of the box. Even if it means some more CPU/memory usage.

@Sinoid do you mean that individual target to move to should work?
About diffrent kinds of agents - as I understand I can have multiple crowds
(I don’t really know how to set them up yet) so I could set up some different
macro parameters…

@slapin, yes.

C++ void CrowdAgent::SetTargetPosition(const Vector3& position);
Angelscript myCrowdAgent.targetPosition = targetVec3