Custom UI Mesh source


A method to use models(flat models) and custom shaders in UI:

Post any issues here.


There might be frequent code updates, as I’m still optimizing it but I think I got the last of what I wanted to change for now.


I’m was seeing errors while compiling this against the master branch but I was able to fix them very quickly. Anyway here’s the fixed version for the builds against the Urho3D master branch

When building against the latest master branch I see these results:

For the 1.7 version everything works as expected


The bubble that you’re seeing is from JTippetts healthmana bubble resource - there’s actually two versions of it. I looked at your repo and you’re using the resourcebubble.xml material file from my repo. You must be using the healthmana material in your own sandbox.

edit: I thought there were two, but I’ve must grabbed the earlier version of his resource, or maybe from his 1st gist post.


Yes, thanks. That indeed was the case. Everything look great now!


Another use case for disk/wheel UIMesh:


The Racer HUD looks great
How did you do it ?


The tachometer uses a similar method as the red-wheel in the gif.