Cylinderical level - inspired by nier automata

Cylinderical level inspired by nier automata gameplay. I wanted to see how easy it was to implement it in Urho3D. It turns out its much simpler than I expected.

Added to existing spherical world repo:


This is really cool!
I know it’s just a prototype, but it would be cool to ease into those camera changes.

I wanted to get the basic cam transitions working before smoothing out the camera.

Here is what it looks like with cam easing:


That’s awesome.
Look at that motion blur! Gonna have to get some of that going for my stuff too.
Awesome work.

Nice ! I hadn’t seen Nier Automata before, so wasn’t familiar with this camera setup. Even your basic demo looks interesting with this set up.

The blur is unintentional and caused by cpu overload while recording.

I don’t have time to play games these days but happened to catch some gameplay vids on this game, and there are so many other camera angle game plays. This game looks really amazing and possibly could be one of best action RPG’s.

Added a link to the repo - see the original post.