DarlingHQ support to compile to iOS on Linux

DarlingHQ is a WineHQ clone for MacOSX and it can run XCode without GUI



This is a great find. Thanks for the link.

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You’re welcome. :slight_smile:
I hope this discovery help the engine.

I am able to build everything in the first try on a Docker container. It took quite some time on my old rig. However, I cannot get it to work on a container yet due to its requirement to have a custom kernel module built too. If I understood it correctly this kernel module needs to be built on the host. My intention is to integrate this into my “dockerized” project so that I can build Urho3D project (and any of its downstream projects) to target the Apple platforms as well using Docker container. Currently using DBE (Dockerized Build Environment) I can pretty much target all the platforms officially supported by Urho3D, except Apple ones. I am hoping this will fill the gap.

There is other people who try to use Darling in a container as well. I found this project after a quick internet search.

It is a MIT license project. I hope it will jump start my own experiment with Darling. It will be a perfect test for my new rig (Ryzen 7) arriving next week too.


Any links for your .Dockerfile? Or not yet? Or never?

Not sure what you are asking. If it is the Dockerfile for the new docker Darling image then you will have to wait. I have just barely started the experiment. But when/if it is ready then I will share it in the “dockerized” project which I mentioned earlier. This project is also MIT license and it is currently being used by Urho3D CI. Check out the “.travis.yml” if you haven’t done so.

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