DebugRenderer and UI element View3D

There is a trick to show the DebugRenderer in the UI element View3D ?

Currently debug geometry rendering is limited to backbuffer views. It should be possible to add an API for enabling it in any view.

Thanks, I will look into it.

If you pull the latest master, there is now option to control per viewport ( Viewport::SetDrawDebug() ) whether debug geometry should render, instead of hardcoding to backbuffer views only. Default is true. Naturally, a DebugRenderer component is also required in the scene the viewport is referring to.

Wow, thanks !
This confirms the right choice I made by switching to Urho3D : you are very attentive.
But I’m sorry to say that I have a problem : the debug geometry is Y axis reversed on UI element View3D.
I use Urho3D 1.31 and OpenGL. Maybe a problem with OpenGL coordinate system ?

Good find. Drawing to textures on OpenGL requires special attention (flipping the projection matrix) and in this case the projection is un-flipped too early.

Should be fixed now. Additionally, debug geometry rendering in OpenGL deferred mode should be improved now such that the correct depth buffer values (and thus correct depth testing) are used.

It’s fixed, thanks again.