Deformed animated model

Im trying to test a model made with several separated meshes. The model is animated, so I added the corresponding components to the node in the editor and it looks good:

Yet, in the game, the geometry is deformed when the animation plays:

Any idea about whats happening here? The Blender exporter doesnt reports any error when exporting the meshes.

I can have a look at it if you upload your files.

The Blender files? You can get them from our OpenGameArt collection:
It is the Basic Male model.

If you are using blender < 1.71, you should upgrade. It had major bugs in the skinning weights for their exporter.

The Urho Blender plugin is awesome and you should give it a whirl:

Im using .174, and I think the artist used 1.72/73 when he rigged it (the original is generated by makehuman). Also, Im using the Blender plugin to export.

Did you apply scale to both armature & meshes before exporting?

Im not sure if I did. I tested them in Unity3d and they work fine, with all animations playing without glitches.