Deploying a game


I feel like I’m missing something obvious here, but I am not figuring out how to deploy a game once I’ve created it.

I developped it on the raspberry pi and would like it to be playable by others without them needing to download Urho3D onto their machine. For example by creating an exe file them can just run after cloning my github project.

How can I do that?
And is there something similar to creating a WegGL in unity for Urho3D?


Can you post the directory tree you’re using? You should find there an executable and some resources…

Just add the file you’re running to the GitHub repo. It won’t have an exe extension on Linux, but it’s probably called the same thing as your project. If you use a static build for Urho, the end user won’t have any separate Urho library files needed.

With the raspi as a target (due to all of them being the same excepting variations like v1 vs v2) it might not matter, but in general you’ll want to ensure you build it targeting the generic and not native platform.

Regarding the web build, see the Emscripten Build Process section at

(I’m not certain, as this was from quite a few years ago, but Urho’s web build support may have arrived before Unity’s support for it)


I’m not really sure how to post that but here is a link to the Github: GitHub - OrganisedAFID/sound-pirates: Turn learning by ear into play with our fun interactive game. Produced on the Raspberry Pi, using the Urho3D game engine

Is that what you meant?

Is the “generic” targeting something I can set with cmake?

Yes, set URHO3D_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET to generic with CMake. It won’t allow, e.g. the raspberry pi ARM program to run on an x86 PC, but it does reduce some issues that can be caused by differing support for features e.g. within the x86 processors.