Depth sorting

Sometimes when I have a single mesh that has some polys that are close together I am getting weird depth sorting issues, where the back plane rendering infront of the front plane.

Is there a way to enforce precision of the depth sorting.

Now that I think about it, maybe its just a matter of lowering the far clipping plane of the camera. but maybe there is another better way.

Have you tried to adjust the depth bias? The SetDepthBias() method can be found in the Graphics subsystem.

I look up this subject in the internet and find this interesting article … -yourself/ (although it is quite dated now). It claims (or claimed) that there was a defect in the D3D9 documentation on the depth bias value range. If I understand the article correctly then it says that OpenGL -1 is equivalent to D3D9 -1.0/(2^n-1) where n is the depth buffer bitdepth which could be 16 or 24. I then cross check the OGL/Graphics and D3D9/Graphics class implementation and found nothing in the code to account for this revelation. On the contrary, the comment in the OGL/Graphics::SetDepthBias() says it is the OpenGL that is dependent on the bitdepth and not the other way round. @cadaver So, which one is correct?