Development branch with Apple's Metal support and more samples

Unfortunately having some spare time during these uncertain days.
I started a new thread on Metal support because the old one is too long and some of it is obsolete

I have created a development branch in my GitHub repository

With the following enhancements

  • The amazing work done by @kakashidinho’ , Angle-Metal backend implementation for Apple’s devices .

  • Samples created by @Lumak and @Modanung , please pay attention to the licensing terms of each sample, specifically @Modanung’s samples .

You can clone it : git clone -b dev

Creating XCode projects with Metal enabled use the -DURHO3D_ANGLE_METAL=1 switch
In addition there are 2 new scripts in the script folder that will create XCode with Metal enabled projects , and

Enjoy and take care


Just FYI,
I have implemented most of important features of OpenGL ES 3.0 on top of metal (uniform buffer, multiple render targets, depth sampler, etc). But I’m not sure when will the OpenGL ES 3.0 PR be merged into master so that ES 3.0 Metal implementation could be used.

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I merged @kakashidinho work on GLES 3.0 into my dev branch .
Basically it’s @orefkov support for GLES 3.0 running on top of @kakashidinho Metal support for GLES 3.0

By default GLES 2.0 is enabled .
To enable GLES 3.0 use the build option URHO3D_GLES3=1
In addition if you wish to run it on top of Metal (only Apple devices) , use the build option URHO3D_ANGLE_METAL=1

Android :
URHO3D_GLES3=0 or nothing => GLES 2.0 enabled
URHO3D_GLES3=1 => GLES 3.0 enabled

URHO3D_GLES3=0 or nothing => GLES 2.0 vanilla enabled
URHO3D_GLES3=1 => GLES 3.0 vanilla enabled
URHO3D_GLES3=0 or nothing , URHO3D_ANGLE_METAL=1 => GLES 2.0 on top of Metal
URHO3D_GLES3=1 , URHO3D_ANGLE_METAL=1 => GLES 3.0 on top of Metal

Please note that it’s experimental .
For production projects I would recommend to keep using GLES 2.0


I added a new sample 65_SamplyGame , it’s a small cool game , reminds me of ShootySkies.
It’s an interpretation (port) of mine for a game that was originally written by Xamarin for UrhoSharp (in C#)

I wrote the logic in Angelscript and it runs nicely on mobile devices.
There was a screen orientation issue on iOS , portrait mode was not supported , fixed it.

A link to my dev branch

In addition , if you want to try it on your Android device.
I generated an Android APK with all the samples (including this one)


I added a new demo sample , 66_SparkDemo , utilizing the SPARK particle engine.
Was originally written by @dakilla .
Verified on Windows , Android , macOS, iOS (OpenGL , Metal)

The source code can be found in my dev branch

Android APK