Difference between global and local in exporter

Im trying to figure out how to make my items fit the attach bone more exactly, to avoid finding the correct offset and rotation, and I have a doubt about the difference between both settings in the exporter. Local means that the exported geometry has its own coordinates, starting at 0,0,0 or something like that?

You are using the reattiva’s exporter or AssetImporter tool ?

Local means that the exported geometry has its own coordinates
I guess local means that vertex positions will be represents as offset’s from origin (pivot - in 3dmax terms) of object.

global mean that in geometry data the vertexes position will be writing as offset from global vector3(0,0,0)

but I found that some times( actually most times:) ) we need local geometry but not local Node’s position settings.
for this issue i’m made cup of fixes for fork of reattiva’s exporter

link: github.com/MonkeyFirst/Urho3D-Blender

but before start export need setup some specific settings:

[spoiler]Select object(s) that need to export
then choice Object ->Apply -> Rotation & Scale ( not Location! this override vertex data in geometry as offset from global(0,0,0) )
then open settings set Front View = “Back” (only this work propertly, because i’m still not found the view’s right matrix to mulply, currently just do swap of axis )
origin = local
object = only selected
Export Urho prefabs = True

setup other setting as you needed
press export
you got an Data/Scenes/%Scene%.xml named as Scene.name in Blender
in this Scene you need find Node named as “Scene” you must save it as local node to Data/Objects/ as prefab.
Well, that’s all.
Use this prefab in you main scene, the nodes in it are must already placed as they placed in blender scene.[/spoiler]

Yes, I mean Blender exporter. I think you have cleared my doubts.