Directional Lightmaps for urho3d

So I wrote a dx9 hlsl shader for Directional Lightmaps for Irrlicht some time ago. I’ve seen threads of people having issues with light mapping in urho3d. Will I be able to port my shader over to urho3d I know I have to modify it to use the data that the API expects. Also I did not see anywhere in the documentation how to actually set the lightmap texture to use the 2nd UV set in the materials file.

Hi ! Use the TU_EMISSIVE texture slot for the lightmap and be sure you use one of the Lightmap techniques to have the 2nd texture coors in the shader (DiffLightmap.xml or DiffLightmapAlpha.xml)

I have the material file that way already but the lightmap is not shown.
technique name=“Techniques/DiffLightMap.xml” quality=“1”/>
texture unit=“diffuse” name=“Textures/metal plate floor ext.tga” />
texture unit=“emissive” name=“Textures/lightmap.tga” />
parameter name=“MatDiffColor” value=“0.588235 0.588235 0.588235 1” />
parameter name=“MatSpecColor” value=“0 0 0 2” />
parameter name=“MatEmissiveColor” value=“0.4 0.4 0.4 1” />

I removed the <> so urho3d will allow me to post the xml file.