Directly loading a model

I see a custom file format for models, Can I import my own format directly to urho3d rather using .mdl format.
What api should i use to set vertices/normals/UVs and other attributes directly.

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You can define a Model in code by filling vertex & index buffers with your data. As Urho doesn’t support completely free-form vertex declarations, the data has to correspond to the Urho vertex element conventions, for example the Position element is always first in a vertex (if included) and it needs to be a Vector3. See the 34_DynamicGeometry example … ometry.cpp, which does two things:

  • animating vertices of existing models
  • creating a model from scratch and assigning it to a StaticModel component

For a more involved example which loads an Ogre mesh file and stuffs it to a Model resource, see the tundra-urho3d project: (the function DeserializeFromData() at the end of the file is the top level function, which gets the Ogre .mesh file as a binary buffer and produces a Model object) … hAsset.cpp

Thanks thats what i needed.