DNS issue with forum

There is apparently an issue with how the forum’s DNS entry is signed, which is preventing it from being available at my university.

See discourse.urho3d.io | DNSViz for a description.

Thanks for reporting that. Unfortunately, I am not able to find anything wrong with the existing setup that I inherited from hd_, who started this forum initially. Looking at the result from another tool here, it appears the domain “urho3d.io” works fine. The error seems to happen in CNAME record which links the “discourse.urho3d.io” to the hosted Discourse site (urho3d.hosted-by-discourse.com), which we actually got it for free. I won’t pretend I actually know what the error is all about, but most likely it is not something I can fix from my end.

Could you test whether you can access other “hosted” discourse forums from your university?