Does the editor support Top/Left/Right view's & pan view?

i didn’t found in the editor any option to set the view to fixed Top or Side view .
the only supported view is user view .
this is very useful in situations where i like to position objects relative to others.and in the only Editor (User ) view it is very hard .
if there any plans to implement such thing ?

also i didnt found any option to pen the view , like the shift MMB in blender also very useful .

I agree. I hadn’t used the editor in a few weeks and found myself instinctively trying to pan using the mouse. I pan using wasd + qe for the moment.

i wish it was c++ , so it could be easier to debug and add feature to the editor .
Although scripting is easy but in big project and when you dont have IDE / debug it can be hell.

I’m using mouse for panning, here are my custom editor files. Panning enabled in editor settings dialog, below ‘move with wheel’ checbox.
Also, if panning enabled orbiting mode moved to left control + right mouse button, and lctrl also used as speed modifier for wheel movement (it reduces speed when held).
Link: … kVGeDhsOVk
if link doesn’t work: … sp=sharing

suggest to push it to the master repository