Drawing 2D lines

Isnt there a way to draw some 2D lines on the screen? I want that for some debugging graphs but cant find.

You can use the CustomGeometry class:

CustomGeometry* cg = lineNode->CreateComponent<CustomGeometry>();
cg->BeginGeometry(0, PrimitiveType::LINE_LIST);
cg->DefineGeometry(0, PrimitiveType::LINE_LIST, 3, false,false, false, false);

You can also pass different kinds of PrimtiveTypes to the StaticModel class, but that one takes a bit more setup. CustomGeometry is easier for basic stuff.

Ah, perhaps you mean 2D lines in screen space? You can use the same code but map the points to screen space via Camera::ScreenToWorldPoint or something. Or just position the camera to look at the XY plane.

You can also use the debug renderer. For that, you first create a component DebugRenderer, like that:

This is usually done in your “create scene” function.

Then, when you want to draw a line, you can do the following:

DebugRenderer* dbgRenderer = scene_->GetComponent<DebugRenderer>(); dbgRenderer->AddLine(start point, end point, color);

Start and End points are of type Vector3.

Just check the DebugRenderer documentation for a detailed description.