Drone Anarchy

After switching to Urho3D as the game of choice for A Game Project I conceived, I found out that making a simple tutorials would go a long way in helping out those that I will be collaborating understand the basic nuts and bolts of Urho3D. I decided to make a very simple game for the tutorials and share it with everyone. I call it “Drone Anarchy” :smiley: . It’s done in Angelscript but will be translated later to C++ later.

I tried to get it up on GitHub, but just realized that I was still new to that area :neutral_face: but none-the-less here is a zipped file link for it and some screen shots

Additional Info are contained in the Readme.txt file. My Gratitude to the Wonderful Urho3D Devs :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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I was finally able to make out time to write the C++ implementation of Drone Anarchy as well as creating a GitHub repository for the Project https://github.com/DARKDOVE/Drone_Anarchy

Very nice, thanks for sharing!

You are welcomed

Great work ! Looking forward to try it out :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve added logic component implementation of the script object in the C++ source with a #define USE_SCRIPT_OBJECT which determines whether to build using script object or logic component

Drone Anarchy is now on the web, thanks to the wasm build of Urho3D :blush:.

You can try it out here

Tested on Firefox and Chrome


Not gonna discuss gameplay and stuff, but on technical side two aspects are missing:

  1. Some kind of particle fade-out to help player measure distance
  2. Some kind of hit feedback to help player understand hitboxes

Yeah the hit feedback is definitely necessary, I would look into it in the coming days.

This had actually been an abandoned project I just woke up to , so it’s still lacking in a couple of things :sweat_smile: