Dynamic impostors

I just saw this tech and was very impressed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0ILW1cwuTc

How does this thing work? Does it render the model separately with render-to-texture? Like, flag these meshes with a special flag, they get rendered to texture, use the texture instead? And that’s done on scene load?

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lol that’s amazing. But I agree with you, should be rtt in different angles (on video we can see a lot of cameras to make a 360 rtt). But i dont know about lightning and intersection…

I haven’t watched the video yet if it addresses it, but I’m pretty sure you should be able to render the normals to a texture as well. You’d need to write a new shader for it, I think, but it shouldn’t be too hard. Lighting might be more difficult, but if it is just outdoors you’re probably only interested in the sun light and ambient lighting.

I’m 99% sure they draw color/normal/depth/etc maps.
The most interesting thing is how do they blend different maps.
The trailer is too fast, need more detailed vids.

Found more details:


I developed something similar few years ago and never got to use it. Used RTT.